Transit Time Calculator

Above transit times may vary according to the weather conditions, congestion at ports or unpredictable reasons ( force majeure).                                                                               
Besides the service to Europe & Adriatic, we have also services to North America (Halifax – Canada, New York, Baltimore & Portsmouth), South America (Salvador – Brasil, Rio de Janerio – Brasil, Santos – Brasil, Zarate – Argentina, Buenos Aires – Argentina, Montevideo – Uruguay, Paranagua – Brasil )& West Africa (Casablanca – Morocco, Dakar – Senegal, Monrovia – Liberia, Lome – Togo, Cotonou – Benin, Lagos – Nigeria, Douala – Kamerun, Matadi – Zaire, Luanda – Cameroon, Abidjan – Ivory Coast ) ports and the average transit time is 40-45 days.                                                                                

You can get transit time information between seaports by using the form below.

Departure :
Destionation :
Transit Time :
* Transit times may change due to weather conditions, seaport conditions or unexpected reasons.

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