Founded in Naples in 1945, Grimaldi Group has the world's largest and most extensive fleet of vehicle transporters and multipurpose Ro-Ro vessels for Ro-Ro, container and general cargo shipments. With 55 vessels in its fleet that it either owns or leases, Grimaldi Group transports cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles as well as all kinds of containers and general freight with regular service to Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, West/Central Africa and South America. Since 1996, Egekont has been representing Grimaldi, which was recognized as the “Best Shipping Line” in 2000 because of its investments in vessels and ports. Egekont offers regular, on-time and rapid transport services for short distance oversea shipping of all types of automobiles and truck tractors, containers, project freight, dangerous goods and reefers to all destinations in Europe with reliable service from Grimaldi Lines.
The most frequent destinations are Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Tunisia and Libya.



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