Ro-Ro is an abbreviation for ‘Roll on’ and ‘Roll off’. It refers to transporting wheeled vehicles by ship from one location to another. Vessels that carry this kind of freight are called Ro-Ro vessels, and this kind of shipping is called Ro-Ro shipping.
The concept was first implemented by ferryboats. The traditional way of handling and transporting this kind of freight is by loading and unloading the vehicles with cranes. Ferryboats began taking on cargo such as automobiles, trucks and trains, which can be driven or towed onto the vessel. Due to their size and speed, ferryboats can only travel short distances and can only handle cargo with limited dimensions and weight. This led to the practice of using roll on/roll off vessels, which are used around the world today.
1. There is a low risk of damage while loading and unloading the vehicles because they are transported inside the vessel with special equipment.
2. There is no risk of damage from sea water for the duration of the journey because the vehicles are not stacked above deck.
3. The cost of loading and unloading is low.
4. Loading and unloading is rapid.
5. The vessels can make more frequent trips because they travel faster and do not wait long in port.
6. Loading and unloading is handled by staff who are experts in Ro-Ro transportation.
All of these reasons make Ro-Ro the safest and most inexpensive mode of transportation.

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