One of the ports that Grimaldi vessels dock at to load and unload cargo is Mersin International Port (MIP), which is one of the most important ports in Turkey, the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean because of its geographical location, capacity, and the large inland area that it services. Import and export services are provided to Temsa, Çukurova Machinery and other Ro-Ro brands. During 2011, Egekont’s volume of vehicles and Ro-Ro freight consisted of 656 units of exports and 2.324 units of imports.     

 Special information about MIP for Ro-Ro :
The maximum freight handling capacity for all kinds of towable and MAFI trailers (including the tare weight of the MAFI trailer – about 10 tons) is 40 tons.
 The maximum door height of the vessel is 4.8 meters.

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